iBitZ:International Business-, Innovation- & Technology-Zone
»The place to search for innovation«

One global database for innovations

The registration and provision of information about innovations and new technologies on a global platform is necessary in order to use comprehensive synergies and find solutions.

iBitZ is exactly such a database structure. We use international standards which have been tested in many years of practical use to collect and present these information.

For our users, iBitZ can offer apart from the usual text and keyword search many further detailed possibilities to refine your search:

iBitZ internally contains standardized, independent data bases, so called "part databases". The entire content of data is derived and administrated from one complex server system. Therefore it is at any time possible for the visitors to access permanently onto the entire information base. Our "part databases" are maintained from our partners - to enable the administration of contacts, user profiles and the marketing on a local level.

Following a study of the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), our information system is the market leader in onlinebased transfer of knowledge and technology.

iBitZ consists internally of standardized, independent data bases, so called "part databases". The entire data information is provided from a central complex server system. Therefore, the user and visitor can access the entire information at any time. The "part databases" are administrated by our partners - to enable the administration of contacts, user profiles and the marketing on a local level.

Partners which maintain "part databases" on their own, aere as well entire countries, counties, exonomical regions, organizers of important global exposition events as also provider of "part databases" of an institutional or event oriented internet platform.

We provide a separate map with all actual partners.

Due to the autonomy we can guarantee that each partner can access at any time his entire data and export all of this via a standardized interface into his own systems. On a case by case basis, there is also the possibility to connect iBitZ with already existing data bases or import information from an existing platform.

iBitZ is still more than that: Due to the modular structure of the database, also individual entries, approximately for the administration of membership numbers or location data, can be placed in the system. These are visible in the corresponding "part database". With the possibility of giving a "part database" an individual appearance iBitZ a solid base for your own web portal. This gives you the advantage that standardized information (at present time new technologies and innovative services) are published automatically on the iBitZ platform.

The mechanism of "part databases" within the iBitz platform is connected with a small setup fee and opens operating partner possibilities for the development of economically interesting new business fields. Thus about no current fees for running the "part database" itself are raised, but the system is to finance itself and to generate also incomes for the operator.

Actually we are interested in potential partners, which want to participate in the multinational iBitZ concept as partners and establish "part databases". If interested you can get in contact with us personally at the HANNOVERMESSE (hall 2, booth D16) or by email to info@leanomedia.de.